Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity

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What is AI in the first place?

The simulation of human intelligence by computers is called AI. The simulation includes learning, understanding, logical reasoning, and improvisation. Any AI that is created to perform only a specific set of tasks is called Artificial Narrow Intelligence. AI that is capable of…

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What is Privacy in the first place?

The Oxford dictionary defines privacy as a “state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people”. In simple terms privacy is about being on your own, with your thoughts, feelings, and experiences..

We have the popular argument “I have nothing to hide / I haven’t done anything…

.hack() by IEEE MACE

My 27th hackathon .hack() organized by IEEE MACE at KSUM(Kerala Startup Mission) was overflowing with ideas and innovation. Young devs, mentors, volunteers and the amazing participants took the excitement to the next level with their mind-blowing ideas.

The event was an Open Hackathon which allowed the teams to develop projects…

Kai Iyer

Breaking the limits ! Privacy Advocate | Developer | Hacker | Mentor | Speaker | Threat Analyst | SysAdmin | Anime Lover

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